Wine Appreciation

Group Coordinator(s) : Tony MORSE

Meetings: Usually the last Wednesday in every month starting at 10.30am.

No. in group: There are 80+ members in the group and usually each monthly visit attracts 20 to 30 participants.

Monthly Meetings : We visit a different cave every month to learn about the specialities of the local wines.

The owner usually gives a short tour of his vineyard to explain the different grape varieties grown,  followed by a visit to his production facilities then a tasting of some of his wines.

Some caves charge a small fee of 5 Euros but most don’t, especially as the group usually buy several cartons of the wines after the tasting.

We always follow the visit to a cave by a pre-booked lunch in a restaurant local to the cave.

The budget for the lunch is around 25 Euros with wine included and most members join for lunch to enjoy the convivial atmosphere.

Vineyards visited: The net is spread far and wide and caves in the regions of the Agly valley, Les Alberes, Les Aspres and Collioure are regularly visited as well as some over the border in Spain.

Members are encouraged to recommend visits to their favourite cave as well as possible restaurants for lunch afterwards.

Watch the events page for future visits….