Music Appreciation

Group Coordinator(s) : Mike Kennedy

Deputy Coordinator : Vacant

Meetings: Normally every third Monday in the month at 14:30

Venue: Trouillas

No. in group: 19. No maximum number.


The format for our meetings is that each member brings along a piece of music, ideally on CD, which they are particularly fond of or which they are attached to in some way. The member would typically introduce the piece and afterwards perhaps say a little more about it. As no one in the group is a musical expert the discussions have been easy going and we have all learnt something we did not know before.

Normally an item would last around 10 or 20 minutes. We are open to all forms of music and, although classical music has been the most played, we have also ventured into jazz and folk music from Catalonia and the Cape Verde islands. The meetings are informal and often the discussion may wander far and wide. We normally finish with light refreshments.