Dining Club

Coordinator: Tonia Davall

The aim of our group is to seek out interesting restaurants with good food.

We aim to meet once a month, normally the second Sunday in the month but if this clashes with fete days or other popular events it is sometimes necessary to change the day.

The numbers are limited to 18. You will receive an email each month notifying you of the venue, leaving you to book your place(s) on the website.  The Monday preceding the event you will receive a second email reminding you that booking closes at 13.00 on the Thursday when I advise the restaurant of numbers. Plus some notes on directions and available parking.

I am willing to research any restaurant you feel is worth a visit, but sometimes they are reluctant to have a large party.

At present we are free to choose from the restaurant menu. We select wine of required colours which can be reordered to suit and this is calculated and divided equally and added to your individual bill.

If people want to change to a set menu – if there is enough call I will change it.

Once a year I ask you to select the three restos from the previous year that you feel worth a second visit. Seems a shame if they were particularly good to miss a second visit!

I am always available if you have a query or a problem. My tel nos are on each email.

We look forward to good food, nice surroundings and good company!!