Cycling for Softies

Group Coordinator(s) : Clive Denny

Deputy Coordinator(s) :

Meetings: Normally fortnightly on a Saturday morning at 10.00 am

No. in group: 74 members no maximum number.

To contact Clive you can email him at

This takes place every second Saturday morning from around 10:00 until about 12:30. Usually the route is about 20 to 25kms with a coffee stop about half way or at the end on the shorter routes.

As the group’s name suggests flat routes, dry weather, and cooling breezes rather than head winds, are favoured, so rides can be cancelled at the last minute (Friday afternoon) if the forecast looks unfavourable. Most of the rides are around “this” area, starting somewhere in the semi-circle between Amelie, southern Perpignan and Argeles, although there are rides further up the coast and occasionally into Spain out of the holiday season. Sticking to cycle tracks as much as possible and minor back roads, with the minimum amount of time spent on secondary roads.

Small print:
Members and guests are advised that they take personal responsibility for their own health and welfare whilst participating in U3A organised events. If necessary, this might, for instance, entail a doctor’s assessment of the level of fitness and/or adequate insurance cover. It is also worth taking into account that cyclists may occasionally venture to areas where there is little or no mobile telephone signal making it difficult to summon professional assistance quickly.
Members’ guests may accompany members of the U3A Pyrenees Orientales for a payment of €2 if they wish to join a U3A event. This amount should be paid to the coordinator who will hand it to a committee member and a receipt can be issued.
We would also suggest the following.
1) Always check your bike is safe to ride, functioning brakes and a bell are legal requirements.
2) Wear a cycling safety helmet, for some reason these are not obligatory, however it may significantly affect any insurance claim settlement if you don’t wear one.
3) If possible, wear some bright coloured clothing. Give other road users the best possible chance of seeing you.
4) Carry a spare inner tube (or two!). We can always change the tube en route in the event of a puncture (speaking from experience).
5) Always carry your Carte Vitale and or EHIC card.