Book Lovers

Coordinator: Jane Lorraine

We are currently running three Reading/Book Lovers’ groups. Each Group meets once a month at varying venues in each others’ houses. Meetings generally last 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

A list of 4 – 6 recently read and highly recommended books is agreed between the group in advance to allow members to acquire/share/read each text before the relevant meeting. This way everyone has a chance to propose and lead the discussion of a book of their own choice.

We try to remain focussed on the given text before enjoying light refreshments and some social time within the friendly groups.

Please read the guidance notes below so you know the procedure.

What to do when it’s your turn to propose a book

1. Choose a good fiction book that has made you think.

2. Do a bit of research about the author, the setting and times if necessary to inform the group. e.g. when we read The Help we all benefitted from a bit of input about the Southern US at that time. It was interesting to note the similarities between the biography of Sebastian Faulkes and his book Engleby.

3. Put post it notes in the book if you want to refer to specific passages so you can find it quickly.

4. Make notes on your ideas about character, plot development, themes etc – it is easy to forget what you want to say if you are a bit stressed in front of the group.

5. Make sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to say something and that all opinions are valued. This may mean you need to plan some extra questions in order to bring in the more reticent amongst you.

6. It is up to you to make sure everyone enjoys the session. Be nice.

When it is NOT your turn

Please remember that someone else has put a lot of effort into preparing a presentation. Be nice.

Make every effort to read and finish the book. If the group is carefully organised you should have several month’s notice.

Turn up. Or give plenty of notice if you can’t. If it looks as if numbers are down one month you might be able to change date/time.

Try to give the chosen book a bit of thought so you can make a reasonable contribution to the discussion.