Appreciation of Arts Group

Group Coordinator: Linda Cronk

Deputy Coordinator: David Adamson

Number in group: 16

Meetings: Monthly as advertised on the events page

The arts are a very wide range of human practices of creative expressionstorytelling and cultural participation. They encompass multiple diverse and plural modes of thinking, doing and being, in an extremely broad range of media. Both highly dynamic and a characteristically constant feature of human life, they have developed into innovative, stylized and sometimes intricate forms. This is often achieved through sustained and deliberate study, training and/or theorizing within a particular tradition, across generations and even between civilizations. The arts are a vehicle through which human beings cultivate distinct social, cultural and individual identities, while transmitting values, impressions, judgments, ideas, visions, spiritual meanings, patterns of life and experiences across time and space.

Prominent examples of the arts include:

visual arts (including architectureceramicsdrawingfilmmaking, paintingphotography, and sculpting),

literary arts (including fictiondramapoetry, and prose),

performing arts (including dancemusic, and theatre)

This group will meet on a monthly basis to experience the plethora of arts and history in the area.

What arts are you interested in?  We would love to have your input and inspire others.