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Covid 19 Emergency Measures Effective from 3rd  April 2021

We are now back in a 4 week lock down period making it very difficult to arrange physical meetings and to travel. This is a reminder that you cannot travel more than 10km from your home without a valid reason and that to do so requires an attestation be filled in with all your relevant personal details and your reason for travelling. Unfortunately these reasons don’t include leisure or sporting activities.

There are still some activities where coordinators can arrange virtual events over the Internet and these continue to be arranged at the discretion of the coordinators running those various groups. Some examples are:

  • Writing group
  • Zumba
  • Language classes
  • Pilates

If anyone is interested in participating in virtual events you can visit the interest group page and contact the appropriate coordinator or you can email and I will put you in touch so that the possibility of you participating can be discussed. Please understand there may be limitations on how many can attend.

Let’s hope that this Covid situation is soon resolved so that we can get back to enjoying our lives in a normal manner. Until then please stay safe and take care.



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