Become a Member

If you would like to apply for membership of the U3A Pyrenees-Orientales in the first instance please fill out and submit the following form. This will be sent to the membership secretary who will contact you by email detailing the next steps in the joining procedure and how to pay your subscription.

When completing the form, please list the groups you are interested in joining.  You can check the available groups by looking at the Interest Groups page.  

At present we have 3 walking groups  (Randonneurs, Softies and ‘Intermediate’) so please stipulate which group it is that you wish to join.

The language groups are French and Spanish – please stipulate which language.  Some groups are full and there is a waiting list. 

Please note that regular attendance is required for the book and language groups.  If you are likely to be absent for more than six weeks at a time please indicate this and we will do our best to accommodate you for the times you are here.

Please remember to check your junk mail/spam mail for an email from the U3A and/or Joe/Lesley Wellings in response to any membership enquiries.

The Membership Fee is €10 per year per person and there is a €5 joining fee to cover administration so a total of €15.00 for the first year. Thereafter the membership fee is €10.00 per year if membership doesn’t lapse. The membership year runs from 1st June to 31st May. The Membership Fee is non-refundable.

To protect your privacy we are European GDPR compliant and undertake not to divulge any personal information to any third party without your consent. Our privacy policy is published on the website and available to read here. Please tick the check box below to show that you agree to the terms.

Please note: The U3A (PO) does not have insurance for any of the activities you may partake in. Please read the Health and Safety guidelines and check you have appropriate personal insurance cover for any of these activities.