Tai Chi

Tai Chi ClassesGroup Coordinator: Raymond Leung

Deputy Coordinator (s): Ray Morris, Doug Denny & Susan Edmonds

Meetings: Will be held Friday morning each week from 10.00 – 12.00h in the Salle Jean Thubert in Montesquieu.

What to bring: Bottle of water and a small towel (there will be no lying down exercise). Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.


Introduction, discussion and revision (more time will be allowed for explanation of Tai Chi theories in the first few sessions).

10 to 15 mins for warm up exercise – these exercise are gentle mostly stretching of the different body parts.

5 to 15 mins to introduce and demonstrate new steps in the Tai Chi form (note there are 108 steps of traditional Tai Chi form, Raymond will introduce 1 to 4 steps in each session, depending on how complicated and difficult the steps are).

10 to 15 minutes to practice the new steps individually. Raymond (and possibly advanced members) will go round to correct individual mistakes.

*10 to 15 mins for group practicing of previously learnt Tai Chi steps (repeating from **1 to 10 times depending on how many steps members have learnt and familiarize) – Raymond will lead the steps and the members follow.

* Note the sequence of the above 2 activities will be reversed after the first session.

** Note it normally takes 24 mins to complete all 108 steps from start to finish.

10 – 15 mins Pushing hand practice (in pairs). Note this will only be added to the schedule in later sessions.

10 mins For group discussion and Q and A time before the meeting ends.