Poetry Reading Group

We have held the first poetry group meeting and a several of us enjoyed poems we remembered from our youth.  They were mostly favourites we all knew, but some were surprises.   The wide-ranging choices included an American poem about an owl in a barber’s shop, The Spider and the Fly’, sections of ‘The Ancient Mariner’ and Walter de la Mare.

Our meetings are held on dates arranged to suit the majority so are quite random, though we try to be at least once in a month.  The next two dates are Monday April 25th. when the theme is ‘Spring’ and Monday 23rd of May when the theme is ‘People’.

These dates will be put under events for you to book.
Mary Moore


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  1. Hi Lesley,

    Jim Short suggested it would be interesting to attend one of the poetry sessions. I naturally assumed the subject would be ‘golf’ (!!) but I see from your report that you cast your nets more widely..When/where is the next one? Jim seemed tom think it was normally held in Pablos early in the month?

    Jim K

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