May quiz results

36 members attended the May quiz night when the question master was Jim Ritchie.

Eight teams competed, all named after musical instruments; the results were:

1stLyre – with 87 points:  Maureen Bangs, Doug Denny, Jenny McCubbin, John Nettleton

2nd: Maraca – with 83½ points: Chris Green, Sue Kennedy, Sandie Kimberley, Laurie Maybanks, Jenny Wilhelmi

3rd: Bodhran – with 77½ points: Mike Dawson, Guy Schofield, Pam Shaheen, Chris Silvester

4thKazoo – 74 points

5thCabasa  – 71 points

6thShawm  – 69½ points

7thAngklung  – 67 points

8th: Flabiol – 66 points

The next quiz will be held on 6th June 2024 at Les Abeilles, when our quizmaster will be John Nettleton.


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