January quiz results

38 members attended the January quiz night, when the questions were posed by Maureen Bangs and Mike Dawson.

9 teams competed; the results were:

1st: St David’s (with 73½ points):   Mike Bangs, Mike Kennedy, Kate Martin, Jenny McCubbin

2nd : Llandaff (with 71 points): David Harding, Jim Ritchie, Mavis Secrett, Chris Silvester

3rd : Armagh (with 68½ points): Ann Hum, Paul Jackson, Carol Jones, Nigel Robinson

4th : Ely (68 points)

5th : Exeter (65½ points)

6th : Glasgow (65 points)

7th : Aberdeen (61½ points)

8th: Belfast (60½ points)

9th : Wells (56 points)

The next quiz will be held on16th February at Les Abeilles, when the quizmaster will be Mike Kennedy.

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