November quiz results

33 members attended the November quiz night, when the questions were posed by Jim Ritchie.

8 teams competed; the results were:

1st: Gemini (with 74 points):   Maureen Bangs, Mike Dawson, Carol Green, Donald Swan

2nd : Capricorn (with 71 points): Marian Kennedy, Nigel Robinson, Pam Shaheen, Joe Wellings

3rd : Taurus (with 69½ points): David Harding, Sandie Kimberley, Jane Lorraine, Phil Rostance

4th equal: Aries and Pisces (66 points)

6th : Libra (55 points)

7th : Aquarius (52 points)

8th: Sagittarius (48 points)

The next quiz will be held on19th January at Les Abeilles, when the quizmasters will be Maureen Bangs and Mike Dawson.

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