July quiz results

Despite the traffic restrictions imposed by the “Deferlantes” music festival organisers, 30 members made it to the July quiz, when the questions were posed by Mike & Morag Todd.

7 teams competed; the results were:

1st: Hornet (with 66 points):  Mike Bangs, Jane Lorraine, Angie Rostance, Chris Silvester

2nd  : Alpine (with 65 points): Mike Dawson, Elizabeth Kirby, Jenny McCubbin, John Nettleton

3rd : Morgan (with 63½ points): Maureen Bangs, Roy Jones, Yannick Newman, Guy Schofield

4th : Corvette (63 points)

5th : Elan (62 points)

6th: Cobra (59½ points)

7th: Javelin (46 points).


The next quiz will be held on 4th August at Les Abeilles.

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