Ten Pin Bowling October 31st 2021 – Spooky

ten pin bowling Halloween

With a nod to it being Halloween (wearing a skull mask sporting a covid mask seems somewhat perverse!), 17 bowlers participated, being bolstered by new U3A members Angela & Chris Popow, as well as 5 visiting guests. Top scores for the 2 games were very close, with 7 players getting over 200 and only 9 points separating the top 3. The winner was Roy Jones with 233, Marie Davis coming 2nd with 227 and Louis Garner 3rd with 224. The winning team of Angela Stephens, Roy Jones, Valerie Mclellan, Louis Garner, Angela Popow and David Shears received the plaudits and the metaphorical pat-on-the-back.


Thanks to all who played or spectated and we hope to see you all, together with those pre-Covid regulars, at the next meet on 28 November. There isn’t one in December, as it falls on Boxing Day, so the first date for your 2022 diary is Sunday 30 January.

Below, Roy Jones receiving the individual winner’s trophy & the winning team receiving, well nothing really. Still they had fun and were entertained by the spooky costumes of the Jones family.

Ten pin bowling winner

Ten pin bowling winning team

A spooky ten pin bowling meetingA spooky ten pin bowling meeting


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