December quiz results

40 members attended the December U3A quiz held at Les Abeilles. The quizmaster was Phil Rostance.

The 9 teams were named after English rivers. The results were:

1st: Humber (96 points): Maureen Bangs, Roy Jones, Marian Kennedy, Chris Stone

2nd: Derwent (94 points): Paul Jackson, Mike Kennedy, Carol Kirby, Morag Todd

3rd: Thames (93½ points): Mike Dawson, Angus Kirby, Jenny McCubbin, Chris Silvester

4th: Avon (93 points)

5th: Stour (86 points)

6th: Tyne (84½ points)

7th equal: (83½ points): Ribble and Trent

9th: (67½ points): Mersey


The next quiz will be held on 9th January 2020 at the Casino in Le Boulou.

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