November quiz results

55 members and guests attended the November U3A quiz held at Les Abeilles. The quizmasters were Mike Condon and Mike Todd.

The 13 teams were named after cheeses. The results were:

1st: Camembert (73 points): Mike Bangs, Phil Rostance, Morag Todd, Sheila Windsor

2nd: Halloumi (66 points): Jackie Harding, Paul Jackson, Jim Ritchie, Pam Shaheen

3rd equal: (64 points): Cheddar (David Bowen, Marian Kennedy, Sandie Kimberley, Sigrid Swan, Roland Viard) and Mimolette (Kate French, Chris Green, Sandy Rose, Dennis Windsor)

5th: (63 points): Parmesan

6th equal: (61 points): Gorgonzola and Manchego

8th: (60 points): Emmental

9th equal: (59 points)Neufchatel and Ricotta

11th: (57 points)Stilton

12th: (54 points)Mozzarella

13th: (44 points) Gouda

The next quiz will be held on 12th December at Les Abeilles, when the quizmaster will be Phil Rostance.

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