September Quiz Results

60 members and guests attended the September U3A quiz held at Les Abeilles. The quizmasters were Roy Jones and Jackie Harding.

The teams were named after hurricanes. The results were:

1st : Ivan (76.5 points): Bob Dziengeleski, Aideen McMahon, Katie Graham, Mike Kennedy

2nd : Igor (76 points): Pauline Jackson, Sonia Shepherd, Tim Bergel, Joe Wellings

3rd : Dorian (74 points):  Chris Silvester, Margaret Dibdin, Nigel Rose, Phil Rostance

4th equal: (73 points): Ike and Isadore

5th : (71.5 points): Joachin

6th : (67.5 points): Michelle

7th : (60.5 points): Gordon

8th equal : (60 points): Isabel and Humberto

9th : (57.5 points): Ophelia

10th : (50.5 points): Wilma

11th : (49.5 points): Gonzalo

12th : (46.5 points): Dean

13 th : (41 points) Helene

The next quiz will be held on 17th October at Les Abeilles.

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