August quiz results

60 members and guests attended the August U3A quiz held at Les Abeilles. This was the 100th  U3A quiz and took a different format from usual, with each round being presented by a different quizmaster: thanks to Jenny McCubbin, Roy Jones, Margaret Dibdin, Mike Kennedy, Jane Lorraine, Kit Hum, Roger Mortimer and Paul Jackson for setting the questions, and Joe Wellings for presenting Jane’s questions in her absence!

The staff of Les Abeilles entered into the spirit of things and presented a cake with “100” on it!

The teams were named after dead poets (it being 30 years since the film “Dead Poets Society” came out). The results were:

1st : Brooke (69 points): Jackie Harding, Roy Jones, Pam Shaheen, Chris Silvester, Ivan Spicer

2nd : Shelley (68 points): Sue Charnley, Bob Dziengeleski, Daphne Mitchell, Joe Wellings

3rd equal (65½ points): Lorca: David Harding, David Ingram, Jenny McCubbin, Sheila Windsorand Tennyson: Emily Dearlove, Sandra Koura, Roger Mortimer, Chris Silvester

5th : Whitman (62½ points)

6th equal (62 points): Wordsworth and Yeats

8th : Shakespeare (61 points)

9th : Rossetti (59 points)

10th : Plath (58 points)

11th : Schiller (54 points)

12th : Burns (52½ points)

13th : Thomas (52 points)

14th : Frost (51½ points)

The next quiz will be held on 19th September at Les Abeilles.

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