Early May quiz results

44 members and guests attended the early May U3A quiz held at Les Abeilles, on the 67th anniversary of the first scheduled passenger jet flight, from London to Johannesburg. Mike Condon posed the questions to 10 teams; the results were:

1st: Delta (73½ points): Chris Green, Chris Silvester, Lesley Wellings, Dennis Windsor

2nd: KLM (73 points): Mike Bangs, Tim Bergel, David Harding, Jane Lorraine, Shirley Morton

3rd equal: (72½ points): Aloha: Lesley Isaacs, Paul Jackson, Lizzie Price, Donald Swan and TWA: Annabel Bassano, Trevor Jones, Ethel Philiips, Dave Shears

5th equal: Airmalta and TAROM (69½ points)

7th: Emirates (63 points)

8th: Thai (61½ points)

9th: Varig (59 points)

10th: Lufthansa (51 points)

The next quiz will be held on 30th May at Les Abeilles.

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