March quiz results

56 members and guests attended the March U3A quiz held at the Joa Casino on the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Kepler space telescope. Phil Rostance posed the questions to 13 teams; the results were:

1st: Hisaki (95½ points): Sue Charnley, Paul Jackson, Barry Morton, Scarlet Wardle

2nd: Hubble (91½ points): David Harding, Nigel Robinson, Morag Todd, Lesley Wellings

3rd: TESS (90½  points): Jackie Harding, Pauline Jackson, Roy Jones, Pam Shaheen, Roland Viard

4th: IRIS (80½ points)

5th: Herschel (87 points)

6th equal: Ibex and Spitzer (86 points)

8th: COBE (862½ points)

9th: Stargazer (81½ points)

10th: CHIPS (79½ points)

11th: Kepler (79 points)

12th: Swift (74 points)

13th: GALEX (69½ points)

All being well, the next quiz will be held on 4th April. Details will be published on the Events page as soon as they have been confirmed.

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